Botanical gardens update

The Councillor for Environment, José Miguel Jimena, has said that the Council is awaiting the project details relating to the proposed botanical gardens to be located on municipal land between the Nerja Caves and the village of Maro.

José Miguel Jimena pointed out that the provincial delegate for Environment, Remedio Martel, had promised that the project would be sent over a year ago and he hopes that a new promise that it will be in Nerja ‘soon’ turns out to be true.

The Council is insisting that the project be sent to the Council, rather than the Nerja Caves Foundation, the initiators of the project, as the gardens will be on municipal land and they want the municipal technicians to study the project.

Given the current cordial relations between the Town Hall (PP) and the Nerja Caves Foundation (PSOE), one would not anticipate this being likely to cause problems or delays.

The Councillor also reiterated his belief that the announcement by both Ángel Ramírez and the Junta de Andalucia saying that €2,644,000 of funding was available for infrastructure projects in the Parque Natural de la Sierra Tejeda Alhama y Almijara was wrong on two counts.

Firstly, the proposed botanical garden is not in the park area but on municipal land and secondly, only €100,000 is in the budget for the project.

The Councillor also noted that the Council proposal to name the gardens ‘Detunda’, the old Roman name for Maro, has not yet been approved by the Junta.

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