Nerja History Museum, the saga continues

More apparently strange goings-on relating to the Nerja History Museum, which is still closed, although one must take into account the local political climate and the pending municipal elections.

The Councillor for Employment in Nerja, Antonio Navas, has expressed surprise that the manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation and PSOE mayoral candidate, Ángel Ramírez, has not advertised the vacancies available in the Nerja History Museum, one for an administrator and three for guides, even though the vacancies are published in the Provincial Gazette – which is read by everyone, of course.

The Councillor stated that prospective employees can deliver their CV’s to the Oficina Municipal de Información al Ciudadano and to the Andalucía Orienta rather than to the Nerja Caves if they so desire.

The Councillor also noted that the job offers in the Provincial Gazette state that appointments are for six months, whereas they can be for six months but can just as easily be permanent. The Councillor added that he hoped that people weren’t being put off by the ‘six months only’ statement as the jobs could be permanent.

According to previous rhetoric, the reason for the museum being closed is, according to Ángel Ramírez, the lack of opening license. According to the Council it is the failure to recruit staff and the failure to agree entrance prices for the museum.

Whatever the real reason, the Nerja History Museum remains closed to the public.

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