Fourth edition of ‘Empúlpate’ at the Nerja Cultural Centre

On Friday 13th at the Nerja Cultural Centre in calle Granada, starting at 20:00, is the fourth edition of ‘Empúlpate’, a musical contest involving pupils from the various schools in Nerja.

The gala will be presented by Cristian David Callejón and will also feature a performance by last year’s winners, the group Arriquitrá.

The contest is organized by the Local Federation of Associations of Parents of pupils from schools in Nerja  and is being sponsored by the Department of Education and Culture Department of Nerja, which is offering €600 in prize money.

Amongst the participants in this year’s contest are singing and dancing groups whose styles cover a broad spectrum from flamenco to rock. In addition to the prize money, a host of local businesses are providing gifts and prizes for the participants, these businesses being:

Librería Europa, Artesanos relojeros, Joyería Madi, Joyería La Cruz, Achen Iberica, Frutería Jara, Optica Chaves, Papelería Villalpa, Morilla, Taller de la Amistad, Viajes Turísticos, Fotos Guerrero, Victoria complementos, Base Long Play, Eugenia Complementos, Fotosistema, La Caixa, Rogelio, New Pc, Time Sport, Autescuela Narixa, Academia de Elena Gálvez, Academia de Juan Torcuato, Academia Daniel Romero, Córdoba Centro, Imaginaria, Maypi. Confecciones A Rodriguez, Primor, C & L, Charo, Peluquería Alison, Salón Azalea, Peluquería estilistas, Sole, Peluquería CH, Peluquería Fuen’s, Supermercado Iranzo, Frutería N. S. Angustias, Cafeteria del supermercado Mas, Cafetería Bajamar, Rest. Playa Torrecilla, Helados Valenciano, Restaurante. El Sevillano, Cafeteria Miralmar, La Taberna, La Piqueta , Supermercado Covirán, Pescadería Buti and Bar el Chispa


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