Málaga feria starts tonight

Málaga Feria starts tonight and continues until August 20th, nine days of almost non-stop celebrations.

The opening speech is at 23:50 tonight, Friday, on La Malagueta beach and is in the hands of 22 year old Pablo Alborán, making him the youngest ever ‘pregonero’.

Midnight sees the firework display, lasting twenty minutes and with around 9,000 fireworks being set off, and after this, at around 00:30, Pablo Alborán will be performing in concert.

The feria, however, has not escaped unscathed in these times of financial crisis and there are one or two cutbacks.

The firework displays will only be in one location this year, the Levante dock and for the first time ever, an entry fee will be charged to one of the concerts in the municipal auditorium, namely the concert given by Malú.

Saturday is the traditional pilgrimage procession to the Sanctuaria de la Victoria. This year’s feria will feature over 200 musical performances, including those by Pastora Soler, Malú, Andy y Lucas, David DeMaria and Merche.

There will also be plenty of policemen on duty, 1,750 Local Police and 2,781 National Police, to ensure that everyone behaves themselves.

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