Driving school car stopped by police in Mijas

Local Police in Mijas have intercepted a vehicle being used as an instruction vehicle by the ‘Autoescuela Inglesa’ for carrying out such an activity without the proper authorisation.

The DGT notified the police in Mijas after receiving complaints from the Provincial Association of Driving Schools in Málaga relating to the driving school.

The Autoescuela Inglesa, operated by a Briton, offers preparatory classes for obtaining a driving licence in various municipalities along the Costa del Sol, advertising its services through its website.

According to the complaints filed by the Provincial Association of Driving Schools in Málaga, the driving school, Autoescuela Inglesa has no permits to carry out this work and is not registered on the Register of Driver Training Centres which, by law, is required to maintain details of drivers who have been authorised to operate as instructors.

The intercepted car operated by Autoescuela Inglesa, a Ford Fiesta, had all the necessary systems installed to operate as an instructional vehicle, such as dual brakes, dual clutch and dual accelerator.

It was being driven by a British national, a UK qualified driving instructor with a validated licence to practice in Spain. Current legislation permits such private driving instruction but requires that such activities be reported to the DGT prior to the start of such activity.

As a result, the police were obliged to intercept the vehicle being used and register an official denuncia.


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