Apologetic robber apprehended

Police in Ecija, Sevilla, have today arrested a man responsible for four armed robberies in the past week, two at supermarkets, one at a tobacconists and one at a bank.

The detainee, 32 year old M.A.G. from the Las Huertas district of Ecija, covered his face to avoid detection and threatened cashiers with a gun.

After the first robbery, witnesses say he dropped most of his loot, leading police to doubt his professionalism. In all four robberies, the swag only amounted to about €2,500, and most of that came from his final attack on a bank.

On each occasion, M.A.G. apologised for his actions saying that he had many children and had to pay maintenance to his ex-wife. Once apprehended he confessed to all four robberies. He has no prior criminal record of any kind.

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