Even less public parking

The 273 parking spaces in the Verano Azul underground car park are to become ‘residents only’, the current rotation system set to end under a new municipal ordinance.

The demand for residential parking coupled with low public usage has led to this change in policy, although the Council stresses that the car park will remain municipal and will not be privatised.

Under the new municipal ordinance, all 273 spaces will be solely for residents of the area, each subscriber with a reserved space, and it will cost €1 per day with a discount for annual subscriptions.

The gates to the car park will be permanently closed and access for members will be via electronic card keys.

  1. We have already stopped driving to Nerja from UK as we need to park on the east side. This is sometimes impossible now due to the high charges in Carabeo car park.

    It is a pity as we used to spend up to 6 months a year in Nerja in our apartment but we hardly come now.

  2. Tony Slade says:

    So very true!
    If the Carabeo car park charged a price similar to the proposed residents’ prices at Verano Azul, instead of the exorbitant 10 Euros per day, I am sure that people would not mind paying. This would ease the stress on car-park spaces. I would happily pay a couple of Euros.

  3. Trouble is that they only give concessions to residents who have a car that is taxed in Nerja. This is to exclude foreign property owners even if they do pay the same local taxes, and contribute greatly to the local economy.

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