500 homes evacuated during fire in Calahonda

Just after nine o’clock last night, Calahonda became surrounded by flames and swift action was taken to evacuate people from around 500 homes in the immediate vicinity.

The flames were within a few metres of some apartments which caused a certain amount of panic and confusion but the evacuation proceeded without anyone being injured and only three vehicles were damaged.

The fire was on two fronts. One was in the north between the AP-7 and the A-7 in the Cartuja area. The second was in the west and a westerly wind gusting up to 30 kph quickly pushed the flames towards a number of urbanisations which had to be evacuated as a precautionary measure.

People were directed to leave their homes and head for the bottom end of Calahonda, most taking nothing with them. People with gardens were asked to activate their sprinkler systems as an added measure to combat the approaching flames.

A total of 160 people worked on controlling the blaze and by 23:00 it had been extinguished. In terms of damage, around 30,000 square metres of pine, scrub and cypress trees were affected.

Despite the initial confusion and a certain amount of panic, the operation went very smoothly and the fire was quickly controlled and extinguished thanks to the efforts of all concerned.

  1. me and my 3 year old niece were crying are eyes out
    Haven’t seen anything like it in me life!

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