Fines for being shirtless in Vélez-Málaga

A new draft municipal ordinance in Vélez-Málaga is aimed at the preservation of public spaces as a place of harmony and civility where all people can develop free leisure activities, meetings and recreation with full respect for the dignity and rights of others, and covers everything from walking shirtless in the streets to the purchase or sale of sexual favours.

Waling ‘shirtless’ in the streets or while attending events, except on the beach or promenade, or being dressed solely in underwear would attract a fine of €50 to €100.

Street prostitution is regulated under the new ordinance, with both parties being accountable in any transaction and fines ranging from €100 to €1,500.  Having sex in public in return for money will attract a fine of between €751 and €1,500. Offering, accepting, negotiating or having sex within 200 metres of a school will result in a fine of between €351 and €750.

The transit of horses, mules and donkeys on routes not previously authorised by the municipal authority could lead to a fine ranging from €50 to €100 or from €501 to €1500 if an offence is committed or damaged or inconvenience is caused to persons or public spaces.

Activities not previously authorised by the municipal authorities, such as tarot readings, massage, hairstyling, tattoing, clairvoyance or the washing of car windscreens at traffic lights, will attract a fine of €50 to €300 depending upon the severity of the offence.

No camping – tent, camper van, caravan – will be allowed on public roads and no sleeping in public places, including within a vehicle. It will also not be permitted to bathe or wash clothes at a public fountain or water supply, have a barbecue in the street or set off any pyrotechnic device without authorisation. The fines will range from €50 to €1,500.

The draft ordinance also provides for the substitution of fines for community service except in the case of repeat or perpetual offenders.

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