Successful Veladilla de San Miguel 2013

The Veladilla de San Miguel took place at the weekend in and around Plaza de Andalucia with excellent participation in the various events and competitions.

Elected Senior Queen and Senior Knight were Ana Moreno and Miguel García Villasclaras, both aged 82 years.

The Infant Queen was Rocío Cordero Coll, aged 4 years, with Candela Martín Gumersindo, aged 3 years, as First Lady in Waiting and Inmaculada Montesinos Alaminos, aged 5 years, as the Second Lady in Waiting.

The Infant Knight was Antonio Ortega Ruiz, aged 4 years, with Iván Muñoz García, aged 9 years, and Daniel Díaz Lorenzo, aged 6 years, as his sidekicks.

The winner of the Desserts Competition was Paqui Rodríguez Figueroa with a dish called ‘Cake Pops’, the winner of the Facades Competition was Casa Charlotte and the winner of the Casas Puertas Competition (Decorated Doors) was Nieves Atencia Villegas.

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