Two oarfish washed ashore in less than a week

NaturallyIt seems a little strange that we tend to explore and know more about what goes on in space than in our own oceans. An apparently healthy giant oarfish was washed up on a California beach, the second such discovery within the past week, sparking rumours of impending earth tremors.

The 4.3m dead snake-like fish was found in the city of Oceanside, just five days after a larger 5.5 m specimen had been found on Santa Catalina Island.

Social media sites were debating an ancient Japanese myth linking extremely rare oarfish sightings to tremors, although scientists are sceptical of any link to increased tectonic activity. They are, however, puzzled by the appearance of these rare sea monsters which can grow to a length of 15 metres and dive to depths of up to 1,000m.

The oarfish is found in all temperate to tropical waters. Scientists have been taking this rare opportunity to dissect and examine the oarfish in an attempt to learn more about this elusive giant of the ocean.

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