The end of another era…

The end of an era as El Papagayo on Calahonda beach lies deserted, notices around the place saying ‘Fighting against the expropriation of El Papagayo by the Council’.

Rl Papagayo, Nerja

El Papagayo has been a popular watering hole on Calahonda beach for many years, offering ‘live’ music and events in the summer, but all good things come to an end I suppose, particularly when revenue can be earned from building licences.

The plan appears to be to build a new 200 metre section of walkway, complete with viewpoints, to replace the old Paseo de Los Carabineros, which was closed some nine years ago after a rockslide. Any new walkway has to be away from the cliffs, presumably starting roughly where El Papagayo is.

The old Paseo de Los Carabineros, an excellent walk in its day, took you from Calahonda all the way to Burriana. A return to that situation seems to be totally out of the question, a shortened version being the only possibility according to the regional authorities. And it is only a possibility as far as we know, nothing definite having yet been agreed by any of the parties involved.

  1. Dave Braunton says:

    Oh no!! Can’t believe the council is forcing the closure of papagayo , one of our favourite places in Nerja – these type of places are few and far between . Money can’t buy this type of location and once it’s gone I am sure it will never be replaced – A Great shame – another rustc place with charm ,good food, unbeatable views lost .

    • Richard says:

      Yes, another unique little gem lost. When the walkway was last open there also used to be the horses and carriages on the Balcon; there were musicians on the Balcon; and there was a street market not far away with all the cafes & bars around it.

      Sadly, all of these things have now gone along with the atmosphere that they created. The Town Hall make these decisions but they do not seem to be for the better.

  2. Peggy Case says:

    Appalling. Favourite place in the summer months. What’s a beach without a cafe and this one was particularly good.

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