Verbena de San Cristóbal 2015

Friday July 10th and Saturday July 11th sees the annual Verbena de San Cristóbal taking place in the Barriada de los Poetas (the area near the bottom of San Juan de Capistrano), with most events being held in the playground area.

Friday July 10th: From 19:30, football tournament in the Colegio Fuente del Badén.

Friday July 10th: From 21:00, election of the junior Reina and Míster.

Friday July 10th: From 23:40, performance by “Nuevo Compás”.

Saturday July 11th: From 17:00, Zumba with Gema and Jotxan

Saturday July 11th: From 22:30, Fernando del Paso.

Saturday July 11th: From 23:00, performance by “Son del Arte”

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