Increased municipal workforce

The Council is hiring over 400 new contract workers in order to ‘provide a better service to the community’.

These include:

  • Street Cleaning: 135 contracts
  • Operational Services: 51 contracts
  • Municipal Exclusion Programme: 46 contracts
  • Parks and Gardens: 44 contracts
  • Municipal Beach Service: 41 contracts
  • Refuse Collection: 24 contracts
  • Municipal School of Music: 11 contracts
  • Education: 22 contracts
  • General Administration: 10 contracts
  • Tourist Information: 7 contracts
  • Socio-Cultural Promoters: 2 contracts
  • Car Park Attendants for the Municipal Underground parking: 4 contracts
  • Municipal Architects: 2 contracts

The only thing which is not entirely clear from the information available is whether these are 400 ‘extra’ jobs or whether this includes the regular renewal of existing short-term contracts.

  1. Its nice that the town hall is putting it out there and even nicer that you are

    covering it in English

    But neigh impossible for non Spanish to get a contract – whats the bets !!

    Although Rosa ( New mayor) isnt anti giri.

    Good luck to all thoses who are looking for a job with Nerja town hall

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