I Nerja Feria Chess Tournament results

The I Nerja Feria Chess Tournament took place in Plaza de España with a total of 16 people taking part.

The tournament was divided into two groups, senior and under-tens. The overall winner was Walter Rehe and the winner in the under-ten category was David Villanueva Bartolomé.


1. Walter Rehe
2. Antonio Martín Acosta
3. Salvador Reina Bernal
4. Andrés Piedrafita Ciutad
5. Enzo Ferey.


1. David Villanueva Bartolomé
2. Juan Antonio Jiménez
3. Jacobo Villanueva Bartolomé
4. Gonzalo Cabra
5. Alberto Guerra
6. Rafael Jiménez Montalvo
7. Rolando Moyano Zarco and Marco Álvarez Armijo.

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