Spanish drivers licence Deadline extended-What you should know

With all of the news about Britain possibly leaving the EU without a deal, exchanging a UK driving licence to a Spanish one, suddenly became an urgent issue for Brits living in Spain.

The good news is that the deadline for British nationals resident in Spain to change their U.K. driver’s licence to a Spanish drivers licence has been extended until January 31st 2020.

Should the United Kingdom leave the European Union without a deal in place on the current deadline of January 31st the Spanish government has said that residents U.K. driver’s licences would only be valid in Spain for a further nine months.

Any British citizen who has been resident in Spain for two years or more are asked to exchange their U.K. driving licence for a Spanish one.

To acquire a Spanish drivers licence you must apply before the deadline of January 31st, 2020 and pay a fee of 27.70€.

To exchange your licence for a Spanish one, is practically hassle free at the moment. However there may be a need to pass a driving test in Spain after the deadline. To get yours changed now, you need to make an appointment at your local office (or see website link see below) and provide them with your NIE number & Residency document.

This is current up to date information taken from the official Spanish website -Direccion General de Trafico,:

If BREXIT takes place, the United Kingdom will cease to belong to the European Union, so all traffic agreements within the EU will no longer be valid for citizens of the United Kingdom. Among other things, this means that  the permits from the United Kingdom will only be valid for driving in Spain during the first 9 months after BREXIT, provided they are in force. 

If you want to continue driving in our country, it will be necessary to make an exchange, renewal or replacement of your permit for an equivalent Spanish one, and you must deliver the original. 

The DGT implements a protocol that allows you to make the exchange, renewal or replacement of your UK licence for the Spanish equivalent under the same conditions prior to BREXIT , without waiting for the signing of a new agreement between countries, or having to obtain a new Spanish driving license.

To do this you must be a driver’s license of the United Kingdom, have  habitual residence in Spain  and submit the  application before January 31, 2020 . In this way, whatever happens that day, you will be guaranteed to attend to the exchange of your permit during the period of 9 months from the BREXIT date.

At the time of the procedure, the original permit will be withdrawn and we will give you a provisional permit. In a period of approximately one month and a half you will have your definitive permission. You do not have to worry about going to your  Headquarters or Traffic Office , we will send it to you by mail at home.

You can check, in a online  processing status in which your permission is located .

Remember:  You must make the request for an exchange, renewal or replacement before  January 31, 2020 .”

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