Colin Firth will be filming around Malaga

Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth along with Scottish actress  Kelly MacDonald will star in the wartime drama due to be filmed in March.

Based on the real-life plot to disguise where Allied troops would invade Southern Europe, Operation Mincemeat was one of the biggest deceptions of World War Two.

With the German central command not knowing whether or not the Allies invasion of Southern Europe would come through Italy or Greece, the British intelligence service came up with a brilliant plot.

After attaining the body of a tramp that died from eating rat poison, the intelligence services dressed him up as a Royal Marine officer and planted official papers relating to an Allied invasion of Greece and Sardinia.

Kelly MacDonald

Kelly MacDonald to guest star in next season’s “Line of Duty.”

Once all the groundwork was done to establish the officer’s credentials the body was transported to Spain by submarine and released into the sea where it would be found by locals.

The Spanish authorities, of course, let the German’s see what they had discovered before alerting the British about the fate of the dead Marine.

The film is to be directed by “Shakespeare in Loves” John Madden.

Last week NerjaToday published the story on how a Malaga casting company was looking for extras and there is still an opportunity for budding actors to be part of the film. For more information on how you can apply click on the link.

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