Update: Spanish government now allows two in a car but with strict conditions

Spain’s Ministry of Transport announced today that two people, including the driver, can now travel together in the same vehicle.

To comply with the new rules, the passenger in the car must sit in the back seat as far as possible away from the driver.

While this will be seen as a slight relaxation of the State of Emergency rules, the government is emphasising that the reasons for leaving the house remain the same.

Frontline health workers or those deemed as being essential such as transport workers, pharmacist and supermarket employees are allowed to continue working.

Spain is under a State of Emergency due to the coronavirus. Photo: Local Police

All other people who either find themselves working from home or with a job that has temporarily shut down are only permitted to go outside to shop for essential foods, medicine, visit the ATM or buy petrol.

Anyone looking after an elderly relative or disabled person is allowed to visit but must be able to prove what they are doing if stopped by the police.

People with dogs are allowed to take them out for walks, but it is only acceptable to walk your pet within a block or so of where you live.

  1. Michelle Webb says:

    I have been told by a very good source that this not the case. Only 1 person is allowed in the car or else you can get fined.

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