New measures announced for holiday period

The Andalusian Government has announced new measures that will be implemented in the region during the holiday period. The first phase of the new rules will come into effect from Saturday 12th December until Thursday 17th December, and the second phase from Friday 18th until 10th January.

From Saturday 12th December, mobility will be allowed between towns within the same province, shops will be able to open until 9pm, bars and restaurants until 6pm, take-away service permitted for collections until 9.30. The curfew will be maintained from 10pm to 7pm.

From 18 December, with the start of the second phase, mobility between provinces will be allowed. Bars and restaurants will close at 6pm and be allowed to reopen from 8pm to 10.30pm.
The rest of the shops will be able to open at their usual times. The curfew will be modified and established between 11pm and 6pm

From 23rd December to 6th January entry into and exit from Andalusia will be permitted for family groups.

On 24th, 25th, 31st December and 1st January a maximum of 10 people will be allowed to group together in the family home.

For all other days, the limit of 6 people will be maintained.
It is also recommended not to exceed the two groups of people living together and the curfew on 25th December and 31st December is delayed to half past one in the morning.

With regard to care homes for the elderly, it has been specified that between 22 December and 7 January the elderly may go out to a single family home if the care home can prove that during the last 14 days the person has not presented any symptoms and has had a negative test in the 72 hours prior to the departure or a positive serological test, that is, that they have been immunised. The duration of the stay in the family home must be more than five days and the person must be under active surveillance for symptoms at all times. To return to the care home, they must have a negative test at least 48 hours before departure.

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, calls on the responsibility of everyone at this time, reminding that many lives have been lost in the country because of a virus and he encourages everyone not to put down their guard down.

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