Body of missing cyclist found in Andújar

Police have found the body of a 44-year-old man who was reported missing on Friday in Andújar, Jaén, after he set off on his bicycle to run some errands.

Youth electrocuted in Andújar

A 21-year-old youth died from electrocution after climbing onto the roof of a train in Andújar station, Jaén province.

Marijuana plantation dismantled in Andújar

Operation ‘Britania’has resulted in the detention of two British nationals and the dismantling of a sophisticated marijuana plantation in the town of Andújar, Jaén province.

Young girl dies from toxic fumes in Andújar

A 14 year old girl died and her younger sister is in a critical condition in hospital as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide fumes at their home in Avenida de América in Andújar, Jaén province.

Civil War munitions found inside old furniture

The Bomb Squad was summoned after two people showed up at the National Police station in Andújar and handed in two shells allegedly found inside some old abandoned furniture.

Romeria in Andújar

On Thursday, the celebrations started in Andújar, Jaén, for the oldest pilgrimage (romeria) in Spain.

Three injured in fire in Andújar, Jaén

Three people were injured and about fifteen others had to be evacuated from their homes after a fire on the top floor of a four-storey building in Andújar, Jaén.