Cocaine haul in Barcelona

Guardia Civil officers in Barcelona have seized a shipment of 204 kilos of cocaine destined for a drug trafficking organisation that was dismantled in October.

800 kilos of cocaine seized

A police operation which began on September 6th has so far resulted in eight arrests in the Serrania de Ronda and the Campo de Gibraltar and the seizure of 800 kilos of cocaine, a yacht, a catamaran, a gun, cash and other items.

Police seize 590 kilos of cocaine

Guardia Civil officers have seized 590 kilos of cocaine hidden on board a yacht moored at a private dock in Sotogrande port in San Roque, Cádiz province.

Big cocaine bust in Córdoba

Guardia Civil officers in Córdoba have seized 31.3 kilos of high quality cocaine and arrested seven people, a mixture of Colombian, Spanish and Paraguayan nationals.

Cocaine implants

A 28 year old Panamanian woman was stopped at El Prat airport in Barcelona after officials thought she was ‘acting funny’. They discovered a blood-soaked bandage on her chest as the result of having had an operation to have 1.8 kilos of cocaine implanted under the skin, much like a regular breast implant.

Police seize 248 kilos of cocaine in Barcelona

The National Police, in collaboration with the FBI, DEA and the Attorney General of Colombia, have seized a shipment of 248 kilos of cocaine at a shopping centre in Barcelona, the drugs having originated in Colombia. Four people have so far been arrested.