14 detained in drugs bust

National Police officers in Spain have arrested 14 members of an unscrupulous gang who used human couriers to import drugs into the country. Another 8 arrests were made overseas.

Cocaine calendars

National Police in Sevilla have arrested four people involved in smuggling cocaine hidden in Andalucian sports calendars and distributing the drug in Sevilla and Málaga provinces.

26 arrested in cocaine bust

A total of twenty-four people have so far been detained in a police operation against drugs trafficking in Algeciras, Cádiz province, with 213 kilos of cocaine being seized.

15 arrested in Sevilla for drugs trafficking

Diversification during times of crisis. Guardia Civil officers in Sevilla have arrested 15 people belonging to an international network involved in drugs trafficking, counterfeit currency and cloned credit cards. In the operation, 2.5 kilos of cocaine was seized.

29 detained in drugs bust in Jerez

Over 100 police officers took part in Operation Corralito in Jerez, resulting in the detention of 29 people on charges of conspiracy and crimes against the public health. Although the results of the investigation have been decreed secret, it is thought that several police officers could be implicated in some manner.