30% increase in water rates in Coín

It is the good citizens of Coín who will be required to dig even deeper into their pockets to make up for the years of poor management of public funds with increases in water rates, refuse collection and the use of cultural and sporting venues.

Fire on industrial estate in Coín

A fire on the Cantarranas industrial estate in Coín, Málaga province, on Sunday badly damaged five warehouses covering a total area of 5,000 square metres.

Coín Council makes list of creditors available online

Coín Council has made available certified list of outstanding invoices scheduled to be paid under the government’s ‘adjustment plan’ so that creditors and service providers can check to see if they are included.

Giant ‘roscón de reyes’ in Coín

Thousands in Coín enjoyed a taste of a traditional ‘roscón de reyes’ after local bakers and confectioners made a 100 metre long example on Monday.

Rubbish collections in Coín

Residents of Coín are reminded not to put rubbish out on December 24th or 31st as there will be no collections due to the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Cable theft in Coín

Thieves in Coín carefully removed the fuses and then stole lighting cable valued at €4,700 from the Sports Complex in the town according to the municipal authorities.

Search for missing man in Coín

Guardia Civil, Local Police, Civil Protection and volunteers in Coín are engaged in the search for an 80 year old man who went missing in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Archaeological remains unearthed during house renovation in Ronda

The skeletal remains of ten people from the Muslim occupation period, as well as a coin from the era, have been unearthed in the San Francisco district of Ronda in an area which once housed the Arab cemetery. No foul play is suspected. The coin and other items will be transferred to the Municipal Museum.