Elderly woman in Estepona died from multiple blows to the head

An autopsy carried out on an elderly woman whose body was found at her home in Estepona on Saturday showed that she died from multiple blows to the head. Her partner died from stab wounds to the chest and wrists and the incident is presumed to be another case of domestic violence.

Elderly couple found dead at their home in Estepona

Police in Estepona are investigating the discovery of the bodies of an elderly couple at their home in calle Maspalomas in the Islas Canarias district of the city, with first indications suggesting yet another case of domestic violence.

Couple found dead in Manzanares, Ciudad Real

A 48 year old woman was found dead this morning in Manzanares, Ciudad Real, having suffered a blow to the head and her husband was found hanged. The couple were in the process of separation proceedings and police believe it could be a case of domestic violence.

Man confesses to killing his girlfriend

Police have arrested a Rumanian national who confessed to killing his girlfriend in Alguazas, Murcia, claiming to have put her in the trunk of his car and then pushed the car into the rio Segura.

Domestic violence fatality in Zaragoza

A 28 year old Ecuadorian woman died on Sunday morning in Zaragoza after allegedly being strangled by her partner, also an Ecuadorian national.