Tragic death in Almonte

A one year old girl died on Sunday afternoon after drowning in a swimming pool in Almonte, Huelva.

Fatality at El Chorro reservoir

A 43-year-old man has died while swimming in El Chorro reservoir, close to the campsite in Ardales. A helicopter and ambulance were sent to the scene but could do nothing to save the life of the man.

Two men drown in Almuñecar

Two men, aged 45 and 75 years, died yesterday while swimming in the sea in Almuñecar, Granada province, during heavy seas caused by strong winds.

Campsite fatality in Córdoba

A 50 year old man died on Sunday at the La Isla de Rute  campsite in Córdoba province. The man showed obvious signs of having drowned.

Tragedy in El Morche

A five-year-old boy died in the early hours of Friday morning at the Carlos Haya hospital in Málaga after having been rescued from the water at El Morche beach, Torrox.

Fishing tragedy in Córdoba

A thirteen year old youth has drowned while fishing in a small, private pond on a farm in Espiel, Córdoba.

Young boy drowns in water deposito

A ten year old child died after entering an irrigation water deposit located between greenhouses on the Carretera de San Silvestrein in El Ejido, Almeria.