Amsterdam will not stop foreigners buying drugs

The mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, says he will not ban foreign tourists from using the city’s famous cannabis cafes after the new government of the Netherlands said it would be up to local authorities whether or not to impose such a ban.

DGT crackdown on drink, drugs and driving during next busy period

The DGT will be drastically increasing the number of drugs and alcohol tests carried on drivers during the holiday period of August 14th and 15th as around 3.2 million people are expected to take to the roads. The exits roads from large cities and coastal areas are expected to be the busiest places.

12 arrested in drugs raids

The National Police and officers from the Tax Office have dismantled an organisation involved in bringing large amounts of drugs into Spain from Morocco for distribution in Spain and other parts of Europe.

Crackdown on driving under the influence of drink and drugs

Today sees the start of a DGT ‘zero tolerance’ crackdown on driving under the influence of drink or drugs, with random testing being carried out at all times of day and on all types of roads. The crackdown will continue until July 15th.