Soldier dies in fight

A 28 year old Spanish soldier has died, not on any tour of duty to a war zone but at the hands of a fellow soldier at the San Bernardo barracks in Jaca. Huesca.

Man dies after fight in Lepe

An Algerian man who suffered injuries in a brawl in Lepe, Huelva, in the early hours of Saturday morning has died from his wounds at the Hospital Juan Ramón Jiménez in Huelva. The man, a resident of Lepe for forty years, was attacked and became involved in a fight with three other people. There have been no arrests so fa …

Disturbance at Torre de Mar Health Centre

Two Colombians were arrested in Torre del Mar following a disturbance at the local Health Centre. The two men were fighting and when the police intervened to separate them, one of them began assaulting the officers. He then attempted to escape, but was apprehended and has been charged with assaulting a police officer, disobedience and resisting arrest.

Three injured in Marbella fight

Four people were arrested in Marbella after a fight near a disco in Plaza de  Los Olivos. Three of the detainees required hospital treatment for knife wounds and one of these is in a serious condition. The fight began at around 05:00 in the doorway of a disco in Plaza de Loa Olivos. The detainees are aged between 20 years …

All the fun of the fair

Five people were injured yesterday, four of them suffering stab wounds, during a fight at Jaén feria. The incident happened at 03:10 in the area occupied by caravans at the fairground, although it is not known what started the fight. One of the injured received a head wound, another has an eye injury and a third suffered damage to the …