Council requests speeding up of Fire Station project

At its last full meeting, the Council unanimously approved a motion by the Councillor for Civil Protection and Fire Brigade, Antonio Miguel Navas, to request the Provincial Council to speed up the administrative procedures relating to the proposed new Type C Fire Station.

Another stage in the bureaucratic process completed

The provincial Commission for Territorial Planning and Development, a part of the Ministry of Planning and Development, has approved the plan to build a Fire Station within the municipality of Nerja.

The new Fire Station

Nerja Council has initially approved a plan and environmental impact study relating to the site allocated for the new Fire Station.

New Nerja Fire Station

The Málaga Provincial Council has agreed to accept the plot of land ceded by the Nerja Council for the construction of the new Fire Station. The 3,625 square metre plot in near the roundabout to the A-7 on the way to Frigiliana. However (there’s always one of those), work cannot begin right away. The land is classified as ‘rustic’ and …

Green light to aquaduct and fire station

Unanimity for a change as the plenary session of the Council voted to approve the donation, free of charge, of a municipal plot of land to house a new Fire Station and also approved a request by the Department of Culture to set the Eagle Aquaduct restoration project in motion through the signing of an agreement.

New Nerja Fire Station

The proposed new Fire Station in Nerja is a little bit closer to becoming a reality, although there is still a long way to go.


The proposed new Fire Station complex in Nerja could be getting a little bit closer to becoming a reality. On Monday, the Council were, in effect, urged to ‘get a move on’ with the project during a visit to the town by provincial delegate Salvador Prendón, and it looks like it might have worked.