Council to once again ask the Provincial Council for funds for access road

The Council has approved a motion to once again urge the Provincial Government to become financially involved in the urbanisation of the access road to the proposed new fire station – for which no funding has been forthcoming and as a result it has been proposed to expand the temporary fire station.

Council wants to begin access road to future Fire Station

The Council has approved a motion requesting the Málaga Provincial Council for funding, €334,774.40  in total, to begin developing the access road to the proposed new Fire Station in Nerja. The Fire Station project is one of many that has been pending for a number of years and for which no funding has been forthcoming from the Junta de Andalucia.

Planning permission granted for extension to temporary Fire Station

The President of the Málaga Provincial Fire Consortium, Abdeslam Lucena, has been in Nerja to officially receive the planning permission for extension work to be carried out on the temporary fire station by the Burriana roundabout. Lucena said that he would rather be laying the first stone for the new Fire Park, but that is out of the question as …

More firemen for Nerja

Nerja Council has announced plans to increase the template of the local Fire Brigade from 9 to 15 personnel and to extend the current ‘temporary’ premises by the Burriana roundabout with extra modules and a gymnasium.

New Fire Station in Colmenar

The new Fire Station in Colmenar, costing €820,000 and totally funded by the Junta de Andalucia, is now operational and will serve the municipalities of Alfarnate, Alfarnatejo, Almogía, Casabermeja, Colmenar, Riogordo and Villanueva de la Concepción. The new station has a total of 17 staff.

Meeting to discuss the Nerja Fire Station project

It is nine years since Nerja became a member of the Provincial Fire Consortium (CPB) and three years since it was decided to build a proper Fire Station in Nerja to be funded by the Málaga Provincial government.

Council approves Fire Station project

The Council has approved the basic plans for the new Fire Station to be built near the motorway junction on the Frigiliana road, a 3,600 metre plot ceded by the Council for this purpose back in 2008.

Fire Station project moves swiftly forward

The Málaga Provincial Fire Consortium has completed the task of adapting the technical reports relating to the proposed Fire Station to be built near the motorway roundabout on the Frigiliana road in Nerja.