Suspected arsonist detained in Valencia

Police in Ontinyent, Valencia, have detained a fireman on suspicion of involvement in starting the forest fires in the Vall  d’Albaida district.

Fires in Portugal

There are currently 23 fires burning in Portugal, with 13 being categorised as being large, and around 45,000 hectares of land has so far been destroyed.

Alleged arsonist acquitted

Emilio Perdigón, accused of starting fires in Huelva on July 24th 2004 in which two people lost their lives and 35,291 hectares of land were destroyed, has been acquitted by the Provincial Court in Huelva.

Maximum alert for fires

Sevilla, Córdoba, Málaga and Cádiz provinces are on maximum alert for forest fires, with the government pointing out that the cooperation of the public is also required in addition to the preventative measures currently being taken.

Three charged with starting fires in Almería

Guardia Civil officers in Almería have detained one person and charged two others in connection with the starting of fires. The men are accused of starting fires in Relámpago and La Caña, in the municipality of Beires, and at Finca Choclar in Paterna del Río.

New fire in the Sierra de Cabrera

A new fire has started in the Sierra de Cabrera, Almería, and 1,500 people have been evacuated from their homes around Turre and Mojácar.

Twenty forest fires in Spain

There are currently twenty fires raging in Spain with strong winds and high temperatures responsible for their continuing spread.

4 fires within 48 hours in Almería

Three of the four fires in Almería province have been checked, only one now remains active. At least 660 hectares of grass and scrub land has been affected by the blazes.

Fires in Almería

A fire in the paraje Collado Umbría de la Mata near Nijar (Almería) has caused the closure of the AL-31007 between the towns of Sorbas and Lucainena de las Torres.