28 illegal immigrants intercepted off El Ejido, Almeria province

Another 28 male Maghrebi are now in the hands of the National Police in Almeria after their boat was intercepted this morning about six miles from Punta Entinas-Sabinar in El Ejido, Almeria province. All were in apparent good health after their perilous voyage.

18 illegal immigrants intercepted off Almerimar

Eighteen Maghrebi adult males have been intercepted about sixteen miles south of Almerimar after their small dinghy was spotted by a patrolling Maritime Rescue Vessel. The passengers were taken to the port of Almeria where the Red Cross was on hand to offer assistance before they were handed over to the National Police for processing.

23 North Africans intercepted off Cabo de Gata

A total of 23 North Africans, including a woman and a baby, were prevented from reaching the promised land today after their small boat was intercepted about seven miles off Cabo de Gata, Almeria province. The passengers are being taken to Puerto de Garrucha for processing.

12 sub-Saharans intercepted on Tuesday morning

A total of 12 sub-Saharans were intercepted today on board two ‘toy’ dinghies, one located by the Maritime Rescue Service off the coast of Tarifa and the second discovered by a Moroccan patrol in the Bay of Tangier. All the passengers were in apparent good health. There have been several interceptions recently involving what can only be described as toy …

Red Cross vessel intercepts illegal immigrants off Tarifa

A Red Cross vessel has this morning intercepted a small boat carrying ten sub-Saharan immigrants about six miles off Tarifa, Cádiz province. The Moroccan authorities have intercepted another three boats and the passengers have been taken to Tangier.

Five babies amongst latest illegals to be intercepted off Tarifa

The Spanish and Moroccan authorities have intercepted three boats this morning in the waters off Tarifa, Cádiz province, with a total of 45 passengers on board, five of them babies. All are said to be in good health. The arrival of more boats in the area later today is not being discounted.

Another small boat intercepted off Tarifa

Eight people have been intercepted on Friday morning as they tried to cross the Strait of Gibraltar in a small boat and are now on the way to Tarifa to join the rest of the recent arrivals. The boat was intercepted about four miles southeast of Tarifa by the Maritime Rescue vessel ‘Salvamar Alkaid’.

Busy Sunday for the Maritime Rescue Service

The Maritime Rescue Service was kept busy on Sunday, intercepting 11 boats carrying a total of 66 sub-Saharan migrants. In addition, the Moroccan authorities intercepted another two boats in coastal waters north of Tangier. Tarifa has not experienced such a flood of boats arriving off its coast since 2004.

Another five boats intercepted

The optimum conditions, moon phase and good visibility at sea has meant that the immigrant smuggling gangs have been busy, another five boats being intercepted in the Straits of Gibraltar and around Ceuta. Around 50 immigrants, some of them pregnant women, have been intercepted on Sunday in five small boats.