16 migrants intercepted near Cabo de Gata, Almeria

Sixteen adult Maghrebis, including a pregnant woman, were intercepted on Friday as they made their way to the land of plenty on board a small boat. The craft was spotted by a fishing vessel and was then intercepted by the Maritime Rescue Service about one mile off Cabo de Gata, Almeria. All passengers were said to be in good health …

62 migrants intercepted in the Strait of Gibraltar

The Spanish and Moroccan authorities intercepted four small craft on Friday morning after receiving a number of calls from mobile phones with a Moroccan prefix alerting them to the fact that several groups of people were attempting to make unauthorised trips across the Strait of Gibraltar to mainland Spain.

40 more migrants intercepted

Maritime Rescue, the Red Cross and Moroccan patrol boats have intercepted a total of six small craft trying to reach the land of plenty on Friday. The passengers were 39 men and one woman, all adult sub-Saharans.

129 migrants intercepted so far this month

The Christmas rush continues as another three inflatable craft carrying people desperate to benefit from the booming Spanish economy were intercepted off the coast of Cádiz. Since December 1st, 129 North Africans, including babies, have been intercepted and are now in Tarifa awaiting processing.

Two more inflatable dinghies intercepted

Two more small inflatable dinghies were intercepted on Tuesday morning with 11 men, 6 women and 2 babies on board. One of the passengers phoned the authorities when they realised they were lost and drifting in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Another four dinghies intercepted on their way to Tarifa

The sales of small, inflatable ‘toy’ dinghies must be booming, another four being intercepted on Monday morning as they headed for the coast of Tarifa with a total of 27 sub-Saharans on board, two of them women. The interceptions were carried out by vessels of the Spanish Maritime Rescue and Moroccan authorities.

More ‘toy’ boats arrive off the coast of Tarifa

A Maritime Rescue has intercepted two small inflatable ‘toy’ dinghies about seven miles southwest of Tarifa, Cádiz province. A total of 13 African males, all in apparent good health, are now in Tarifa awaiting further processing.