Low chestnut harvest expected in Málaga province

The chestnut harvest in the Valle del Genal in the Serrania de Ronda is expected to be the lowest that most people can remember, down by as much as seventy percent. This is the main chestnut producing area in Málaga province.

Action by private nursery schools on Monday

A number of day care nursery schools in Málaga province will be closed on Monday and others will be at decreed minimum staffing levels as staff, owners and even some parents will be demanding that the Junta de Andalucia pay its debts to the schools.

Minimal cleaning on the western Costa del Sol

Technicians from the Mancomunidad Costa del Sol Occidental will not have the task of clearing floating debris from the sea this year as, for varying reasons, the eight municipalities involved have not requested cleaning boats.

Sales of new houses in Málaga province

While many municipal councils are actively encouraging new housing projects to boost their revenues, it is interesting to note that in 32 municipalities in Málaga province, not one new home has been sold during the period January 1st 2011 to September 30th 3011.

Summer fires in Málaga province

There were twenty forest fires in Málaga during the summer period, the most serious of which were in Mijas and Los Montes although none exceeded 500 hectares. Eight people have been charged in connection with starting fires and two of those have been detained in custody.

New corporations assume their duties

Saturday saw the inaugural meetings of new municipal corporations with various political pacts being negotiated in municipalities where no one party had obtained an absolute majority. Here are a few of the decisions made in Málaga province at the weekend.

More rains expected

The whole of Cádiz province, the Costa del Sol, Ronda and Guadalhorce in Málaga province are on ‘orange alert’ for heavy rains throughout Tuesday. A ‘yellow’ alert remains in other parts of Andalucia.

Yellow alert in Málaga province

Málaga province is on yellow alert today, Thursday, with temperatures expected to reach 38 degrees in some areas, including the Costa del Sol.