A wet start to February

It has certainly been a wet start to February in Málaga province, with 31 litres per square metre falling in the capital so far.

Domestic violence figures for Málaga in 2008

The National Police and Guardia Civil in Málaga province have, between them, presented 3,600 denuncias and made over 2,500 arrests in relation to domestic violence during 2008. Chilling statistics, almost ten denuncias per day. There were also 878 arrests for breach of conviction, such as relating to restraining orders.

Málaga on yellow alert for possible rains

The cold weather, currently having a dramatic effect in the north of the country, is gradually moving southwards and snow is expected in Almería, particularly in Valle del Almanzora and Los Vélez. Málaga is on ‘yellow alert’ for rains, as is Cádiz and the Straits of Gibraltar, and storms could affect the areas of Sol and Guadalhorce. The ski station …

The province suffers

Yesterday’s continuous, and heavy rains caused numerous problems throughout Málaga province including being a contributory factor in the death of one motorist. The fatal accident occurred on the A-45 near Las Pedrizas, a 25 year old man losing his life when his vehicle left the road after hitting a lorry which had overturned earlier in the day. Several people had …

Manilva tops the list

The Economic Yearbook of Spain 2008, published by the Caixa bank, shows that Manilva has almost doubled its population in the past five years.