Council approves Special Protection Plan for Maro

The Council has approved the creation of the Municipal Technical Committee for the Special Protection Plan for the Historic Site ‘Picturesque Maro’ which they hope will become responsible for assessing building permits and projects in the village of Maro.

Jazmín Gálvez Fontaine elected Maro Feria Queen 2013

Jazmín Gálvez Fontaine was elected Maro Feria Queen 2013 with María Muñoz and Marina González as the ‘Damas de Honor’. Laura Casanova was chosen as the Infant Feria Queen with Blanca Quintero and Ainara Ortiz as the ‘Damas de Honor’ .

Caught red-handed in Maro

Officers of the Environment Deartment of the Junta de Andalucia caught an individual red-handed as he collected specimens of the Ferruginous Limpet, Patella ferruginea, from the rocks at the beach in Maro. This species is listed as ‘endangered’.

Road improvements in Maro

The Council has approved a €50,000 project to pave the right side of the road leading down to playa de Maro, namely the section between the calle San Miguel roundabout and calle Nueva,

Two fires in Nerja

As if to remind us all to be extra careful as the (generally) long, dry and hot summer begins, the Fire Brigade were called out to two fires on Wednesday, one in Maro and one near the electrical sun-station in Almijara.

Day of the Cross 2013 – thirteen crosses to visit

A total of thirteen crosses will adorn the streets of Nerja and Maro for the Day of the Cross – Dia de La Cruz – on Friday May 3rd 2013. Ten of the crosses will be in Nerja itself and three in the village of Maro.

Cut to water supply in Maro

The water company Aguas de Narixa will be cutting the water supply in Maro on Friday January 4th between 08:00 and 15:00 while improvements are carried out to the supply network. Once the supply resumes, householders are advised to run the taps for five minutes before using the water.

Laura Navas wins the pastry competition

The dough punchers were out in force in Maro at the weekend for the Christmas Rosco and Pastry competition with no less than 18 entries to be tasted and judged. The winner was Laura Navas with a creation called ‘Red Velvet’, a pastry based upon three cheeses and decorated with edible flowers and rolled wafers.

‘Rosco’ contest in Maro

The village of Maro is celebrating the Immaculate Conception on Saturday December 8th with a Christmas ‘Rosco’ contest.