37 illegal immigrants intercepted off the Granada coast

A boat carrying a total of 37 illegal immigrants, including two women and two minors, was intercepted just after midnight about one mile off the coast of Granada. All were in good health and are now being held in Motril for processing.

Armed robbers attack car dealership in Motril

The National Police are searching for two masked and armed men who broke into a car dealership in Motril on Thursday evening and, after hitting the owner over the head, made off with a courtesy car.

Body recovered off Motril

A Coastguard helicopter has recovered the body of a man from the sea about 40 miles south of Motril after it was reported by a passing merchant ship. It is not yet known whether the body is one of around 18 people missing from an immigrant boat intercepted last week.

One of the rescued pregnant immigrants loses her baby

One of the pregnant immigrants rescued from a small dinghy off the Granada coast on Sunday and admitted to the Hospital Santa Ana in Motril has lost her baby due to the strain of the journey. She remains hospitalised. The other pregnant woman from the boat is expected to give birth within hours.

65 immigrants intercepted off the Granada coast

A total of 65 sub-Saharans, including nine pregnant women and ten children, have arrived in the port of Motril after their boat was intercepted on Saturday night near the Isla de Alborán.