Rail strikes planned

The CGT has called upon RENFE and ADIF rail workers to take part in a series of strikes over the festive season, these being scheduled to take place on December 25th, January 1st and 2nd.

Second day of rail strikes

Around 400 RENFE trains are expected to be affected today by the second strike called by the CCOO union in protest at plans to reorganise the rail freight service.

AVE from Barcelona to Paris

The rail network operator RENFE, in conjunction with the French operator SNCF, are set to start the first Barcelona-Paris AVE high-speed train service on December 19th 2010.

Turn it down!

A new PA system installed by the rail network operators RENFE in the railway station in Álora have apparently generated a number of complaints.

Rail system back to normal

The Spanish rail network is virtually back to normal after Wednesday’s strike called by the CGT Union with just a few overnight sleeper trains being delayed by a couple of hours.

New Year prices

The new year heralds a couple of price increases but it’s not all bad news as pensions and the minimum wage both increase and the cost of a Telefonica landline remains frozen for the second year running.

Supreme Court ruling on compensation claim

The Supreme Court has ordered the National Network of Spanish Railways (RENFE) to pay €147,357 in compensation to a woman who lost a leg as a result of injuries sustained when falling to the track from the staircase of one of the carriages as the train was moving off.

New ‘last minute’ rail ticket

RENFE is adding a new discounted fare to its armoury, applicable to the major lines and AVE high-speed links. It joins the existing Gold Card, Youth Card, Web and Star promotions in offering rail fares at a discount.