Another search for Ruth and José

Next Monday, heavy machinery will begin an excavation at the farm in Quemadillas where the two young children, Ruth and José Bretón, were known to have been shortly before they disappeared almost eight months ago.

Search for missing girl in Huelva

Police in Huelva are searching for 23 year old Rocío González Díaz, missing since Saturday after attending carnival celebrations in Lepe.

Search for missing woman in Guadix

A search has been launched in Guadix, Granada, for a 31 year old woman, seventy-two hours after her family reported her missing. The Guardia Civil, Local Police, Fire Brigade and Civil Protection are participating in the search.

Searching for posts in Google+

For those who are having a go with Google Plus, one of the early problems is being able to find people or, perhaps more importantly, posts or topics of interest so you can find interesting people to follow. Fortunately, this is a very easy thing to overcome, especially if you are using the Chrome browser.

Search for missing 14 year old in Antequera

Parents of a fourteen year old girl in Antequera have reported to the police that their daughter been missing since Monday and they fear that she is being held against her will.

Search for missing man in Guadix

The Guardia Civil, Fire Brigade and Civil Protection in Guadix are searching the area for a man with intellectual disabilities who was reported missing on Wednesday.

Can you help find Mary-Anne Goossens?

Friends and family, along with members of the small Dutch community, have been assisting with the search for missing Dutch tourist Mary-Anne Goossens, last seen on June 17th, but they are relatively few in number and the areas to be covered are large. Your help would be most appreciated.