Holland 5-1 Spain

Spain were on the end of a hammering in their first match in the World Cup 2014, the reigning champions losing 5-1 to Holland.

Changes to Social Security rules

A new amendment to the Social Security Law, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on December 26th 2013 is not going down well with many Spaniards, particularly young people, who have been forced to try and gain employment abroad.

Electricity to go up on January 1st 2014

The price of electricity is set to go up again on January 1st 2014, the increase being at least 2%. The Government ‘share’ of the increase is 2%, the remainder depends upon the outcome of the regular electricity auction next week where the price is expected to rise. It is only a fortnight since the Government announced that there would be …

The end of the refillable olive oil container is nigh

The EU may have rejected the proposal made by the Spanish government for a Europe-wide ban on refillable olive oil dispensers in catering establishments, but Spain itself has gone ahead with the implementation of such a ban.

Mortgages granted in July hit an all-time low

Rampant unemployment, low demand despite falling prices, the removal of tax benefits and onerous loan conditions being applied by banks do not explain the continued obsession with building more houses but it does account for the fact that the number of mortgages granted in July fell to an all-time low.

Finland 0-2 Spain

Jordi Alba and Negredo were on target as Spain overcame Finland 0-2 in the latest round of World Cup qualifying matches. Spain are three points clear of France at the top of Group I.

Unemployment at new record high

The recession continues to bite with official unemployment in Spain now at a new record high of 6,.202,700, representing 27.16% of the workforce. The number of people out of work increased by 4% in the first quarter when compared to the previous quarter.

Valencia 2-1 Valladolid

Atlético Madrid look pretty secure in third place in La Liga, a good job as they could only draw 0-0 in their local derby against Getafe on Sunday. Valencia are fifth and only two points behind Real Sociedad after a 2-1 win against Valladolid.

An unwanted ranking

Málaga province is number one in Andalucia and number four in all Spain, but it would rather not be in those positions. The rankings relate to car thefts and are from a report compiled by Linea Direct covering the period 2006 to 2012.