Up goes the price of butane gas bottles

As from tomorrow, Tuesday March 26th, the price of the 12.5 kilo bottle of butane gas, used in over 8 million homes, goes up by 7.2% to €17.50 due to a new methodology introduced by the Government to calculate the retail price of liquefied petroleum gas. The butane gas bottle price will now be reviewed every two months instead of …

Road traffic fatalities 2012

A total of 1,304 people died on the roads in Spain during 2012, a decrease of 180 compared to 2011 and a figure similar to that recorded in 1960. However, in 1960 there were 1 million cars registered and 2 million drivers, whereas in 2012 there were 31 million cars and 26 million drivers.

General strike

The general strike has begun, and as usual there are differing views as to participation. The Government says that, so far, everything is pretty normal with the ports, large markets, transport and industry operating almost normally. The unions are claiming a ‘full stop’ in major industries, transport, large markets and the ports with almost 100% support for the strike.

Cabinet approves draft penal reform bill

The Spanish Cabinet has approved A draft penal reform bill which, amongst other things, includes jail terms of up to one year for distributing images of people without their permission, even if prior consent has been given for the images to be taken.

Inflation jumps to 3.5%

The IVA hike in September has resulted in inflation jumping from 2.7% in August to 3.5% in September according to figures from the National Statistics Institute (INE), with prices rises in all sectors.

Outlook for autumn is ‘dry’

Autumn is just a week away and apart from the odd shower expected in the next few days, the outlook is currently ‘dry’, which is becoming worrying for farmers in Andalucia.

Another RENFE rail strike on Monday

RENFE workers have called another strike for tomorrow, Monday, in protest at plans by the rail network operator to split the organisation into four separate companies. Already cancelled are 302 AVE, long and middle distance trains and local trains. Local trains, Cercanias, are expected to run at around 50% of normal.