Spain prepares a plan to rescue the cajas

The Spanish Government is preparing a ‘plan’ to restructure the country’s financial system, particularly the troubled savings banks, in order to reassure the market it is capable of sorting out the financial problems.

Price of butane gas bottle to go up

The price of a 12.5 litre bottle of butane gas is due to increase by 3.13% as from January 1st 2011, the new price being €13.19.

Real Madrid 1-0 Sevilla

Real Madrid overcame Sevilla by a single goal, Di María finding the net with just fifteen minutes to go in the match. Both teams ended up a man short as Carvalho and Darbo were both ordered from the pitch for being naughty boys.

Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba visits Afghanistan

The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, has made a surprise visit, and his first, to Afghanistan, arriving in Herat at 04:00 Spanish time.

Spain declares ‘state of alert’

For the first time in it’s democratic history, the government of Spain has declared a ‘state of alert’ following the action of air traffic controllers and the subsequent authorised takeover of the airports by the military. Under the ‘state of alert’, workers refusing to obey an order to return to work face charges under the Penal Code.

Wins for Real Madrid and Barcelona

Real Madrid will stay on top of the pile after a fairly comfortable 6-1 win over Racing Santander on Saturday evening.

New smoking laws as from January 2011

The Congressional Health Commission is today, Wednesday, expected to approve the new law relating to the supply, sale, consumption and advertising of tobacco which will come into effect on January 2nd 2011.

Villarreal miss opportunity to go top

Villarreal missed a golden opportunity to go to the top of the pile for the first time in their history after they were held to a 2-2 draw by Hércules on Monday night, although newcomers Hércules have been pretty impressive so far this season

ETA declares ceasefire

In a video obtained by the BBC in the UK, the armed Basque separatist organisation ETA has announced a ceasefire. The Spanish government is still analysing the announcement and the situation.

26 killed on the roads at the weekend

This past weekend was the worst of the year so far in terms of road traffic accidents and fatalities, with 26 people losing their lives and another 30 injured.