Tapas at Agridulce

Agridulce is a new tapas bar on calle San Miguel in Nerja.  The interior is spacious with a large bar counter area and there is quite an extensive list of tapas on offer.

Après Carrera tapas at El Barrio

Happy to report that Cafe El Barrio, in calle El Barrio, Nerja, is still producing good tapas and at a reasonable price, €1.50 for a beer and a tapa. Very relaxing place. On this occasion I had a sweet and sour pork tapa, very tender meat.

Midday tapas at Candela

Candela is located in Plaza Cavana and has a nice terrace on the square. Good relaxing location, service is prompt, the beer is cold and the tapas are a very reasonable size. A bit pricey at €1.90 for a small beer but then again, it is in what you would classify as a prime ‘touristy’ location.

Mid-afternoon tapas at La Piqueta

La Piqueta is a small, popular tapas bar on calle Pintada, Nerja, with a street terrace for those occasional warm days. As a tapas I was presented with a fat, juicy chorizo sausage in a bun.

Tapas at La Mar Chica, Torrox Costa

About one-third of the way along the promenade at Ferrara Playa, Torrox Costa, from the lighthouse end, is the restaurant La Mar Chica, and behind the restaurant, but part of it, is a quaint little tapas bar.

Refreshing tapas at Sol y Mar

Popped into Sol y Mar in Plaza Marina for a much needed cold beer after a walk in the sun and just chose a tapas at random. It turned out to be a delightfully refreshing snack with potatoes, tuna, sweet corn, peppers, onion, orange and probably a few more things beside. Beer and a tapa, €1.50.

Mini tapas run 2

Chispa’s (calle Bolivia), La Puntilla (calle Bolivia) and Rincón del Sabor (calle Ruperto Anduez), a veritable ‘golden triangle’ of tapas bars in the old part of town and always worth a visit.

Mini tapas run

One of the advantages of having visitors is that it forces you to make time for a few more tapas, not that it actually takes much persuasion at all! The first mini tapas run involved La Bodeguilla (calle Antonio Millón), Sevillano (calle Chaparil) and El Tapeito (calle Chaparil), very little walking involved.

Tapas at Cafeteria Nerja

Cafeteria Nerja is at the bottom end of calle San Miguel, Nerja, and as well as being an excellent breakfast cafe, serves some good tapas. I had a ‘pinchit0’ (meat on a stick) served with bread and olives. Beer and a tapa, €1.30.

Tapas at San Miguel

The cafeteria/bar San Miguel in Plaza de las Monjas (next to the colegio San Miguel just off avenida Castilla Perez) is a very popular place, particularly during the day. The interior is relatively small but it does have a very good-sized terrace.