Tapas at El Pulpito

Haven’t been in El Pulpito in avenida Castilla Perez since it first opened so I thought I would check to see what it was like now. The service has improved – it could hardly have got any worse based upon my initial experiences – and I ordered tortilla – Spanish omelette. Wish I had chosen something else as the tortilla …

Tapas at Los Mariscos

Popped into Los Mariscos in calle Cristo for a quick beer and a tapa, see if anything had changed. Nope. Still the same people running it. It is a very small bar area, but quite cosy and friendly, with a couple of tables out on the street as a terrace. I had a pinchito – meat on a stick – …

Rainy day tapas at Sevillano

The other day, the arrival of a few spots of rain forced me to dive in to Sevillao in calle Chaparil, Nerja, for a tapa…or two. Vibrant and buzzing as usual, Sevillano is always a delight and the range of tapas on offer is probably second to none. And the portions remain huge. A beer and a tapa, €1.85.

Slight price increase but still great value

The price of a beer and a tapa at Vicente’s in calle Málaga, Nerja, has gone up by ten cents to €1.40 but it remains excellent value, especially considering the size of the portions. On this occasion I had liver (higado), which was cooked with yellow and green peppers and onions in a nice sauce/gravy, and as usual, it did …

Tapas at Antelo

Popped into Antelo in Plaza de la Ermita, Nerja, for a late lunchtime tapa and opted for some chorizo – spicy sausage.  It was the most tender, juicy chorizo tapas I can remember, superb. And with a beer and a tapa only €1.20, outstanding value.

Tapas at Ziga

Ziga is a tapas bar towards the end of calle El Barrio in Nerja, tucked away in a small alley, and has been the location of a number of establishments over the years. With perfect timing, I chose to pop in for a quick lunchtime tapa when, although it was open as usual, they were carrying out a bit of …

Mid-afternoon tapas at El Puente

I was in the area so popped into El Puente – by the bridge into Nerja – for a mid-afternoon tapa and, as usual, was not disappointed. There is always a wide range of tapas on offer, the service is great and the atmosphere is quite friendly and cosy. I had a concoction of chick peas, pieces of morcilla (black pudding), …

Aaar Jim Lad, tapas at Los Bukaneros

Los Bukaneros on prolongacion Antonio Millón is probably more of a cafe than a bar, in the strictest sense, but they serve tapas so have to give it a try. The bar is fairly simply laid out and, as one might expect, it has a piratey theme.

Tapas at Bar Alameda

The Bar Alameda is back in calle Jaén after a brief incarnation as the Sidreria. One thing about the Alameda, apart from the odd lick of paint or bit of new furniture, no-one ever has that strange compulsion to gut the place before re-opening. Some places seem to get gutted even if it is only a couple of months since …

Tapas at Taberna Pepe Moles

Lunchtime tapas at Taberna Pepe Moles in prolongación Antonio Millón in Nerja and it was delightful. I would strongly recommend giving this place a visit. My first tapa – it was so good I had to have another – was a meat and rice dish with a delicate barbecue flavour to the rice.