Tapas at Candela

Candela, formerly Cavana 5, is ideally located on Plaza Cavana in the centre of town. There is a small terrace in the square, a couple of barrels outside the door, a long, fairly narrow bar area and a lovely Andalucian patio at the back.

Tapas at Bar Pancho

Bar Pancho recently opened in calle Antonio Millón, Nerja, (it was formerly Meson El Coto) so just had to give it a go. The bar area is fairly small but it has a street terrace, which is good.

Gambas at La Marina

Quite a plate of gambas as a tapa at La Marina in Plaza Marina, Nerja, at least twenty. And a caña and a tapa is still only €1.40. Definitely one of the top tapas bars for fish in Nerja.

Crustaceo Crujiente, Nerja

The former Bar Trinidad in calle Chaparil, Nerja, has just been transformed into the Crustaceo Crujiente, a tapas bar open from 09:00 until late every day. And wow, the size of the tapas! Be interesting to see if they can keep that up.

Rincón del Futbol in Nerja

New on the scene in Nerja is the Peña El Rincón del Futbol, located in the small passageway near the end of calle El Barrio. The premises had been empty for many, many years now.

Early evening tapas at Meson de Julio

Stopped at Meson de Julio on calle Cristo, Nerja, for a quick early evening tapa and to make sure nothing had changed – any excuse! Still as good as ever, a beer and a delicious tapa for €1.80.

Evening tapas at Meson Asador del Castillo

Popped in to the Meson Asador del Castillo on calle Málaga, Nerja, for a quick tapa and had this rather nice ‘Bacalao’ which was done with omelette (French style, not Spanish). Large portion and very tasty. Beer and a tapa, €1.50. It has become quite a popular place both for tapas and meals.

Lunchtime tapas at La Taberna

La Taberna on calle Cristo is always a good place to stop for a lunchtime tapas. On this occasion I had skate in a tasty batter with tomato salad. Well cooked fish, juicy and the batter was excellent. Beer and a tapas now €1.90.

Lunchtime tapas at El Tapeito

Popped in to El Tapeito on calle Chaparil for a quick tapa on Tuesday lunchtime. It has become quite a popular bar and serves a good variety of tapas, although on this particular occasion I must say I was a little disappointed.

Back to regular prices at La Bodeguilla

After a price reduction at Easter to €1.50, it’s now back up to €1.60 for a beer, tapas and tray of olives at La Bodeguilla in calle Antonio Millón. Still great value and the tapas are excellent.