Well, there’s a first…

Never seen anyone taking a bird of prey for a walk along the promenade before! Unfortunately not a very good pic. They also had a small dog, presumably a snack if he got hungry while he was out.

Council proposes a botanical garden near Torrecilla beach

The Council is requesting the Department of Coasts to create a botanical garden in the area between Torrecilla beach and Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos, apparently known as the Acantilados del Mar de Alborán – Alboran Sea Cliffs.

Evening frolics…

There were quite a few people enjoying the waves down on Torrecilla beach until quite late yesterday evening. And in the Plaza (de los Cangrejos) it was obviously spring time.

Sand and shoes…

Torrecilla beach was pretty packed on Sunday. The water was clear and calm, very little wind and the sun had got its hat on after a quite misty start to the day.

Works at Torrecilla beach, update

Work on the first section of the new wall and railings at Torrecilla beach and Plaza Los Cangrejos is coming along nicely. The first stretch is from the plaza right down to the beach and parts already have the decorative facade.

Replacement of rusty railings

Work has started to replace the guard railings at the bottom of Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos near Torrecilla beach, the railings having deteriorated since their installation in 2000 by the Department of Coasts.

Cooks, carriages, beaches and bars…

Paco Mari on calle Gloria is looking for a ‘cocinero’ if anyone is seeking gainful employment while one of the carriage boys is having a go to see if there are any takers. The space reserved for the carriages is taken up by cars so he is having to improvise.

Council to once again request action to restore the old Torrecilla watchtower

The Council is currently resubmitting requests to the various administrations relating to outstanding or proposed projects, the latest being to the Department of Coasts regarding the restoration of the watchtower at the end of Torrecilla beach. The Council has been regularly requesting the restoration for a decade now.

Still warm enough…

Still great weather and warm enough to sunbathe and for some, even swim! This was Torrecilla beach this afternoon, quite a few sunbathing and a few venturing into the water.