Baldrick rides again

The UK Government today unveiled a White Paper with plans to end regulation of the fast food industry in return for help in campaigning against obesity. Basically, the fast food industry would be left to regulate itself. A well proven strategy, as was seen with the banks.

Strange policy

Eyes crudely blacked out to disguise their identities, they look as if they might be the victims or even perpetrators of a crime. But they aren’t. They are ordinary young schoolgirls and the pictures appear in a school yearbook at a school where a bizarre photography policy is in force…Nativity Blackout

The sick side of society

A 17 year old boy from Milton Keynes was found guilty today of raping a four-year-old girl while she was in a park to feed the ducks. The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found guilty of one count of rape by a unanimous jury at Huntingdon Crown Court. Protecting the identity of people who have been …

Thought this was all supposed to stop

A lollipop man who helps youngsters from St Mary’s Primary School in Shenfield, Essex, across a busy road has been banned from stepping off the pavement to help children cross the road because health and safety rules now state that it is too dangerous for him to step onto the road. Now he just presses the button at the pedestrian …

A change of story

After the demonstration in London last Wednesday against increased tuition fees, the Metropolitan Police, including the commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, denied that horses had at any stage charged at the crowd. They admitted that police horses were involved in the operation, but they were not involved in charging the crowd.

The conundrum

Councillor Lee Rowley, Westminster’s cabinet member for parking, said the council’s vehicles ‘are permitted to park on yellow lines when carrying out statutory duties… Our drivers are instructed to park safely and considerately’. So, why are the yellow lines there in the first place then?

Knacker of the Yard would turn in his grave

No more ‘Vice Squad’ at the world famous Scotland Yard, political correctness has taken over. The unit, which traditionally dealt with prostitution and underworld crime (namely vice), is being renamed in order to be more politically correct and to reflect its increased sphere of operations.

On yer scooter

We have recently seen a new land speed record for a lawnmower, a Queen Anne dining table setting a new speed record for furniture and a souped-up Trabant hurtling around at phenominal speeds. So it is not unexpected that someone would makes some improvements to a mobility scooter which enable it to reach speeds of 69 mph…Man builds world’s fastest …

When in Rome

While politicians in France and Belgium have voted in favour of banning the full veil, or ‘niqab’, and other European countries are thought to be considering similar action, the latest report by the government think-tank Civitas says Britain should take a different approach.

More shelf space

The Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford, who are entitled to a copy of every book published in the UK, has been running out of places to store works for decades. Now, though, they have a new warehouse facility to store 8.4 million books and maps…Bodleian Library opens giant new space to store 8.4m books on shelves 153 miles …