Anti-social behaviour

Police inspector in charge of 999 calls for anti-social behaviour is arrested… for anti-social behaviour City of London police inspector Jo Northmore, in charge of handling all 999 calls about anti-social behaviour, was given an £80 fixed penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly. At the time of her arrest, she was reportedly also abusive to the officers who stopped …

Keeping up appearances

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), whose members account for 40% of UK cosmetic surgeons, there were 3,214 nose jobs (up 9%), 3,039 tummy tucks (down 7%), 2,896 liposuctions (down 4%) and 9,418 breast enhancements (up 10%) carried out on women in 2010.

No threat too small

After a man claimed to have smuggled 80 guns into the UK despite the stringent security measures in place at airports, who could blame the security officials from taking this sort of action? Apart from everyone, of course. Safety Threat

The end of the Segway in the UK?

A judge in the UK has ruled that the Segway, a two-wheeled machine introduced in 2001, cannot be ridden on the pavement as it is a motor vehicle under Section 72 of the Highways Act 1835.

The Peter principle

The UK economy is going to be in good hands if Labour ever get re-elected, the Shadow Chancellor, former postman Alan Johnson, informing the nation of the party’s intention to raise the national insurance rate from 20% to 21%. As the current rate is 12.8%, he obviously has a pretty good grasp of the situation, especially as a few minutes …

The art of anonymity

A firewoman in the UK, who was given a payout after suffering a campaign of sexual harassment, has moved home across the country because, she says, village gossips ruined her life, adding: ‘Nobody knows us here and we can get on with our lives’. So, what a brilliant way to remain ‘anonymous’. Sell your story to the Mail with name, …

Pope to deliver Thought for the Day in the UK

The Pope is to deliver UK’s Thought for the Day message during the Today programme on Radio 4 on Christmas Eve, the programme going out at 07.45 on Christmas Eve and lasting three minutes.

May I tweet, M’lud?

Tweets and text messages from inside a courtroom may be permitted after the UK’s most senior judge approved the use of digital communication technology, which means that reporters and members of the public will even be able to sit in court and surf the internet on their laptops – as long as they are quiet about it.

Plans for elected police chiefs in the UK

At a time when the UK police force is facing cuts of up to 20% to reduce funding, the government is about to debate a new idea which will cost an estimated 100 million pounds to implement.