Time to tend the roses

David Nunn, the senior orthopaedic surgeon at Guy’s Hospital in London who caused a stir by laying down the law to Prime Minister David Cameron, Nick Clegg and a herd of journalists during a photo opportunity has reportedly been reprimanded and sent on ‘garden leave’.

He’s obviously confused

Tory MP Matthew Offord is threatening to invoke human rights laws to overturn a ban on taking his dog to work at Westminster after he was given a one-week ultimatum to leave the six-month-old Jack Russell at home. He says: ‘If they try to push this, I will invoke the Human Rights Act because they’re breaching my right to a …

Council found to be unprepared

The Freedom of Information Act in the UK allows a right of access to recorded information held by public authorities, so it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. A worried member of the public has forced Leicester City Council to admit it is unprepared for a zombie invasion after requesting to know what provisions the …

Carol Vorderman wins ‘Rear of the Year’ award

Despite some last minute competition from Pippa Middleton following the Royal Wedding, the UK’s ‘Rear of the Year’ award went to 50 year old Carol Vorderman. The winner in the male section was Anton Du Beke from the TV programme Strictly Come Dancing.

If it’s ok for them, it must be ok for us

Around £1.6 billion of taxpayers’ money goes to benefit fraudsters each year in the UK, although one should not be too surprised that people think it’s ok to cheat given the shining example set by those in power. The Government has published a list of excuses given by some fraudsters when caught, and these include:


A burglar was let out of jail yesterday because locking him up breached his family’s human rights, the Appeal Court ruling that the rights of Wayne Bishop’s five children were more important than those of his victims or the interests of justice. The Story

May the farce be with you

People always say that when you really want or need one there is never one available. Hardly surprising. At least four officers are said to have visited residents in the hamlet of Pitcombe, Somerset, on multiple occasions after a poster of the Conservative councillor Mike Beech had a Hitler-like moustache drawn on it.

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away

Sometimes you just need a good belly laugh to brighten up the day, which was easily achieved when reading that former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is reportedly hoping to take on the £270,000-a-year role as head of the International Monetary Fund.

Adventures in Cell Block Ely

‘It’s not a prison’: Parents’ fury as 600 children receive detention in four days after rules crackdown. According to parents, some of whom are looking to take their children out of the City of Ely Community College in Cambridgeshire, England, the rules are ‘draconian’ and making the school more like a prison.

A new world champion

Nine-year-old Saffron Sollitt, from Wallingford, beat 500 other competitors from around the world at Days Lock in Little Wittenham, near Abingdon, on the River Thames to claim the individual prize in the World Pooh Sticks Championships.