Fresh this year

Deep down, I think we all realise that unless we grow or make our own, the food we eat is never really ‘fresh’ in the strict sense of the word. Much is imported and may have to travel a long way to get to us, but maybe what we don’t realise is just how old it can be when we …

Pots, black, kettle…what’s that phrase now?

Carole Middleton has confronted the landlord of a local pub over fears he is turning the wedding into a circus by holding a £15-a-head party on the day of the event which includes a ‘best prince and princess’ competition. This wouldn’t be the same Carole Middleton whose company launched a set of ‘Britannia’ trivia scratch cards, the £3.99 packs coming …

Nothing ever really changes

He gets £180,000 a year as a salary, £18,000 room allowance for staying in the luxury Westminster Hotel, £5,000 a year for train fares, taxis and car mileage and £4,070 ‘travel allowance’ for walking the 164 yards from the hotel to his office.

Unexpected bestseller

It is not the first time it has been done, and it probably won’t be the last, but it always seems to catch on for some reason.

Spot the difference

Well, I suppose if one was to leave one’s brain at home and wander round the supermarket wearing a blindfold, there is every chance you might pick up the ‘parasite’ product by mistake. A bit like Ford thinking people would be confused between the Ford F150 Truck and the Ferrari F150 Formula One racing car. Can you tell the difference? …

Bushmeat in the UK

Even for a carnivore, the idea of chomping on a chimp verges on being cannibalism, but according to this report, Trading Standards officials have discovered chimpanzee meat on sale in restaurants and market stalls in Britain. Bushmeat, as it is known, is not that uncommon according to this story, but usually tends to be rats or other vermin rather than …

Breast milk ice cream

Pure, organic and totally natural….these are the claims being made for a new ice cream now being served at a restaurant in Covent Garden, London.

Online popularity in the UK

A survey carried out in the UK by Nielsen and UKOM shows that many of the Top 50 most popular online brands are some of the more traditional brand names you associate with ‘real life’.

BAFTA’s 2011

As expected, The King’s Speech dominated the annual BAFTA awards with Colin Firth picking up a Best Actor gong. The winners were:

Be careful what you tweet

The Press Complaints Commission in the UK has ruled that information posted on Twitter should be considered public and publishable by newspapers after it cleared the Daily Mail and Independent on Sunday of breaching privacy guidelines. Read the story.