It’s OK, the taxpayers won’t mind

The UK Government has snapped up nearly 9,000 prime tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games at a cost of almost £750,000 (to the taxpayer). Some tickets are destined for eligible Civil Servants so, theoretically at least, there should be some cash coming back. And one of the most popular events? Beach volleyball.

A bit of initiative can make all the difference

Bill Bennett wrote to M&S asking for a refund after he was mistakenly charged £3.00 for a £1.90 salmon sandwich at a store in Taunton, Somerset. Mr Bennett received a reply offering him a gift card, but it never arrived and so he wrote again, cheekily asking for a ‘hand-drawn picture of a smiley dinosaur’ to compensate ‘for the inconvenience’.

And still nothing changes

Sir Stuart Bell, Labour MP for Middlesbrough, is under pressure from the Labour hierarchy to explain himself following claims that constituents are unable to contact him. Sir Stuart readily admits he has not held a local constituency surgery since 1997 and has no office in his constituency, despite paying his wife Margaret £35,000 a year to work as his office …

Hard to believe

People are forever having tremendous problems as a result of squatters moving into and trashing their homes when they leave them unattended for more that a day or two, so this should really help matters in the UK.

What a homecoming surprise

In most other countries it would be burglary, breaking and entering, criminal damage and a host of other charges leading to a spell in jail, but not in the UK for some reason, they just move next door. With so many similar cases occurring over the years, why there has been no review and amendment to the law relating to …

Let ’em all stay

You couldn’t make it up. A judge in the UK shortened the sentence of Jamaican drug dealer Vincent Miller, who had previously been deported twice and stole identities to return and evade capture for ten years, to prevent him being deported (again) on the grounds that sending him home would be ‘devastating’ for his three children.

UK users turning to Chrome

In the UK, nearly one in four internet users now use the Google Chrome web browser and tt is now the second most popular browser, overtaking Mozilla’s Firefox and rapidly gaining ground on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), the current market leader. According to the latest figures, Chrome accounts for 22% of the British web market compared to 45% for IE. …

Core blimey

Charlie Lindoe, a 13 year old schoolboy, allegedly hurled an apple at a classmate and, although he denied the assault, he quite expected a stern telling off. Five days passed and then suddenly, two police constables appeared at his home at 11pm.